Philosophy of Membership

One of the implications of John 17, and of Jesus’ life on earth, was that we might be invited into “membership” with the Godhead.  The desire of every heart is to belong.  Through Jesus, God has made it possible for us to belong to His family. At Valley Springs Fellowship, we see membership as an invitation to join a group of believers who seek to know God together, through honesty and love.  It is more than a mere formality; more than pen to paper with one’s name.  We believe there is a mysterious power in community that when we join together in purposes larger than ourselves something happens in us and through us, both corporately and individually. Together, we desire to commit ourselves to one another in a patient environment of worship, authenticity, safety and service.  We believe and trust this type of environment to be the context for the work of God’s Spirit in each of us, especially over time.

Committing to a specific local body is affirmation of a larger truth, namely, that we are already members of the body of Christ.  We believe this earthly body of Christ to be the community of the broken, the community of the forgiven.  Membership is an invitation to admit one’s ongoing need for God’s grace and forgiveness and to extend it to others as His representatives. 

By committing to membership within VSF, one agrees to participate meaningfully in the life of the group.  This participation includes support of the purposes and direction of the group, as well as seeing oneself as part of the “kingdom of priests.”  Practically speaking, participation involves thoughtful consideration with one’s time, talents and finances.  Furthermore, membership is an invitation to commit oneself to the regular and mutual discipline of living together as flawed individuals.

Lastly, membership is open to anyone (1) 18 years or older, (2) committed to the overall purposes of the church, and (3) who assents to the Statement of Belief(s).  Membership is indicated by annually signing the roster of members offered at the beginning of each year but also available anytime during the calendar year.